Gesture of Reconciliation presented to TRC at Winnipeg National Event, June 2009. Photo by Fred Cattroll


The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (“TRC”) believes that artists have a profound contribution to make in expressing both truth and reconciliation.

The TRC invites all artists to submit works that relate to experiences at Indian Residential Schools or that relate to the legacy and impact of those experiences on former students, parents, future generations, communities, and on relationships within families and between communities.

In addition, the TRC invites artists to submit works relating to apology, truth, cultural oppression, cultural genocide, resistance, resilience, spirituality, remembrance, reconciliation, rejuvenation and restoration of Aboriginal culture and pride.

Why is the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada gathering artistic works?

The TRC believes that collecting artistic works is an important and meaningful way to express the truth, impact and legacy of the Residential School experience and to assist with reconciliation.

What kind of works of art can you give?

The TRC is happy to receive your artistic expression in any way that you choose, including decorative and traditional arts, sculptures and carvings, drawings and paintings. By way of example only:

• up to 10 images of the piece OR
• DVD of any length showcasing the work

• DVD only, of any length

• up to 20 images on CD only

Poetry/Spoken Word/Novels/Plays
• relevant written samples of the work
• if performed, up to 10 images OR DVD of any length showcasing the performance

• audio version of the song
• images of the band
• lyrics

What will happen to your work of art?

  • All of the works of art collected by the TRC will be entered into secure TRC and NRC computer databases and files.
  • If you consent, the TRC may choose to feature your work of art in its report, on its website or as part of its public education efforts.
  • The TRC will be present at many community events and National Events. The TRC and NRC will also be in contact with many art galleries and museums, and will be in contact with filmmakers who may wish to use your art in their films or TV or other programming. If you consent, the TRC and NRC may choose to feature your work of art in any of these venues or provide them to third parties that the TRC or NRC believe will use them appropriately for public education purposes, with proper credit to the Artist.
  • Access to the works of art held at the NRC may be made available to people around the world who are interested in learning more about Indian Residential Schools, subject to applicable laws.
  • You can show your work of art to anyone else, at any time, as you choose.

Deadline: Open and ongoing to December 31, 2013

Click here to view Artistic Submissions FAQs.

For ALL submissions, you MUST submit a completed Application/Release Form with your submission.

Forward submissions and/or direct questions to:

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
#1500 – 360 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3C 3Z3
T: (204) 984 – 5885  F: (204) 984 – 5915